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  • Started on 15/06/2021
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Help us support children and orphans in Syria and compensate for their missing feelings of happiness and joy.

Syrian children now are familiar with all kinds of bombardment and bombing, and they are frightened upon hearing the sound of any airplane. As they were born in camps, they only know tents and trees, and they even do not know what a house, a wall or a door means.

Their days are alike, and Eid has no presence in their memory or vocabulary. Nevertheless, it is very simple to create joy and happiness in their little hearts through our planned package of activities that will be conducted in the camps, and through the provision of new and clean Eid clothes for the camp children and orphans, who never bought clothes and who have always used to receive second-hand clothes collected in seasonal campaigns.

Join us to draw smiles on their innocent faces, and evoke happiness in their hearts. We believe that smiling and rejoicing can be one way to recovery.

Whatever pains the children of our society has experienced, whatever wars they have lived and survived, whoever they lost or whatever injuries their small bodies received, there is always a space to create joy and happiness for them. Let’s make it as another method for treatment besides our medical services.

Your donation of $40 will secure Eid clothing and bring bliss for one Syrian child or orphans.

We seek your empathy and urge you to join us in creating one of the rarest feelings in Syria, which is happiness.

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