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Can you imagine a fasting patient without treatment and who is living in a tent?! Help them fast … help them live!


Your charity heals them

Your donation and support would not only be an act of worship, but it would also save the lives of the patients who have been affected by the most brutal wars in the 21st century. These people are residing in the north of Syria without shelter and they are considered the most vulnerable human communities in today's world.

Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him said: “cure your ill ones with charity”, and this is an open call to make your donation a cure and a medicine through supporting our health services to reach more than two million homeless people in the north of Syria.

They are not figures!

Displaced people spend their day fasting from dawn till sunset in their temporary tents. With the daily attempts to secure their basic food needs, treatment of illnesses and health care become a luxury for them and their family members including women and children. We work hard to guarantee that all of them receive the needed high-quality health services through our mobile clinics or our health facilities in the north of Syria. It is worth mentioning that the response coordinators report that there are more than 2.1 million displaced people out of more than 4 million Syrians residing in north and northwest Syria.

You cannot imagine the impact you can make!

In Syria, the displaced persons only have their health to support their families and take care of their children, but what if the breadwinner was a woman?!

Your donation and generosity for one displaced person mean you supported a whole family, gave much hope for them, and helped them maintain good health.

With your support, we can alleviate their suffering and revive hope in them to withstand hunger, war, and pandemics.


What we have provided:

SEMA operates now 21 health facilities and 8 mobile clinics inside Syria and reaches more than 700,000 beneficiaries on a yearly basis. Through our programs, we aim at reaching every person in need with health services in the areas where we work. Reducing the suffering of the most vulnerable is our main objective to which we are always committed.


This is what your donation would change in the lives of our patients.

Your donation of 25 dollars would support 5 displaced patients with primary health care services.

Your donation of 50 dollars would offer emergency services for one patient each day.

Your donation of 150 dollars means you would help a patient have a high-quality surgery and enable him to work again and feed his children.

Your generosity and donation of 500 dollars would treat 10 patients who suffer from heart diseases, hypertension, or diabetes.

-  Your benevolence and donation of 1000 dollars mean you would help 5 patients in the intensive care unit and save their lives.

Donate and join us to rekindle hope in more lives, or at least support us by sharing the campaign link.

We are honored that you selected to support our projects. We are honored to have you as a part of our team.



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