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Your donation will contribute to reviving hope in youth healthcare staff, saving the lives of many people, and to providing basic and specialized health services in Syria. Your generous contribution will long remain as long as it is remembered and held by the medical staff and the Syrian people.


Your charity heals them

Your donation and support would not only be an act of worship, but it would also save the lives of the patients who have been affected by the most brutal wars in the 21st century. These people are residing in the north of Syria without shelter, and they are considered the most vulnerable human communities in today's world.

The Problem:

The reports show a huge decline in the healthcare sector in Syrian society. Due to the conditions of war and displacement, a large number of health personnel migrated or stopped completing their education because of the systematic targeting and detention. This led to a severe shortage of qualified personnel and a low level of provision/quality of healthcare services inside Syria with a great negative impact especially on the IDPs and refugees, threatening thousands of Syrian lives every day.


We seek through our work to build the capacity and skills of the medical staff in the field of health service provision to enable them to be pioneers and influence their affected communities as well as to participate in building a better health future for their nation and the world.

Who is SEMA and what are its achievements in Medical education and training?

In brief, we are a leading non-profit organization that stands out in the field of medical education and training in one of the riskiest disasters and crisis environments in the world. Many qualitative achievements were accomplished in besieged and high-risk areas. However, all of these achievements are not sufficient compared with the continuous needs and huge challenges. We need the help and the generosity of the philanthropists to continue giving and to build the skills of the health staff and offer them certificates that would enable them to develop, and to achieve stability and sustainability. You were behind all of what we achieved, and you can assist us to qualify and graduate more professional medical staff who will be capable of giving more.

Through this campaign, we aim to help youth medical staff to promote their capabilities, provide high-quality health services, and to contribute to rebuilding the damaged healthcare system in Syria. We seek to provide certified, accredited, and high-quality medical training programs, in collaboration with Gaziantep University, for 150 healthcare providers in North Syria

Your donation will help the peculiar youth medical staff to stay in their country, Syria, and will protect them from the risks of migration. Your contribution will carry hope to those who are suffering from a severe shortage of medical services in Syria.

We strive to teach and train the youth medical staff to contribute to stopping the endless loop of depleting and scattering the precious and non-compensated capabilities of the Syrian medical staff.

Our program in this campaign depends on providing the following services:       

  •  Strengthening and supporting youth health staff working in the hospitals and health facilities, through accredited vocational training programs (In collaboration with Gaziantep University) in the following topics: Professional Trauma and Emergency Management

- Infection Control and Infectious Diseases Management

- Nursing Professional Skills Intensive Care Units

- Midwifery Professional Skills in Newborns Incubators and IC Departments

  •  Providing a wide variety of medical training activities (theoretical, practical, and clinical)

  •  Follow-up sessions in the field to achieve and ensure greater impact and qualitative improvement.

  • Supporting the health care system and community’s wellbeing by raising the quality of provided health services and reducing the low quality or wrong practices, which have serious threats on patients’ lives.

Donate now and save a life!

We are honored that you selected to support our projects. We are honored to have you as a part of our team.



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