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Help us change the lives of children in north of Syria who are suffering from hearing loss and donate to secure and fit hearing aids for them.

The Most Vulnerable Group

Children in Syria have lived now the tenth year of war, which has enormously affected them more than any other group of the society, and their little bodies have been paying the toll of this war. Among the severe cases that we daily observe in our centers and mobile clinics are the deaf children and those suffering from hearing loss.  Although there are no official statistics on the number of children who are suffering from hearing loss in Syria, their numbers have been increasing over the past years because of the war and the shortage of medical services. 

Based on our estimation and clinical observations, there are thousands of children with hearing loss in north of Syria and they cannot access the needed auditory medical care. Those children are also living harsh and unfriendly circumstances, and most of them are residing in tents at the Turkish borders where they lack many basic necessities along with the lack of access to the auditory care. Our main concern now is to help deaf children hear again, as they cannot enter the school or communicate with their parents or peers; they may also be exposed to bullying and exploitation, because of the low awareness, absence of culture of dealing with them, and scarcity of sign language teachers who could train them along their parents.

Through launching this campaign, we are addressing our friends around the world who believe in the importance of helping Syrian children, and we are looking forward to their contribution to secure enough hearing aids for this vulnerable group. Thus, we would allow them to live independently again without relying on their parents.

Children who are unable to hear are also unable to speak, learn their native language, talk with their peers, or ask them about what is going on around them of the everyday difficult occurrences. They are living their own silent world. You can give them an open life and an opportunity to hear and live independently again.

How did SEMA manage to help them?

The Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA) has helped more than 200 children with hearing loss in north of Syria to access auditory health care, as it has secured and fitted hearing aids for them, allowing them to integrate again into their societies and schools. SEMA’s Child Protection Team has identified tens of similar cases through their daily intense field tours.

However, there are still many children who are waiting for someone to support and help them gain back their normal life, especially in light of such displacement circumstances and extremely difficult economic conditions.

Recovery Cases

We are glad to share with you the stories of children who restored their hearing, thanks to your support. They can now hear and talk; they are amazed of the many sounds around them. Some of them now have their favorite songs, and others started to learn few verses of the Holy Quran, while others realized the real entertainment in playing and communicating with their peers. There are also those who described to us their happiness upon hearing the tweets of birds. Simply, they are living a completely new and different life, thanks to your continued support.


 Join us and help them restore back their hearing, so that they can speak, express themselves and their dreams. Let's help them understand what is around them. Donate now and be the change maker for the lives of hundreds of children as whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.

We are honored that you selected to support our projects. We are honored to have you as a part of our team.



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